Sights of Monemvasia


The castle town of Monemvasia is a real jewel of great historical architecture and cultural importance.

The Byzantine church of Hagia Sophia is said to be a miniature of Hagia Sophia in Constantinople, the picturesque alleys with small shops.

Monemvasia or Monemvasia, known to the Franks as Malvazia, is a small historic town in the eastern Peloponnese and took its name from the unique entrance to the Castle, the only entrance from there and the name Mon-emvasia.

It is better known from the medieval fortress on the eponymous ΄΄Rock of Monemvasia΄΄, which is literally a small islet connected by the bridge in a forming neck with a total length of 400 meters to the current beach.


Just a few kilometers from GuesthouseKamara, you can start your guided tour of the Kastania Caves, which promise the visitor unforgettable images.

The area of the Cave is 1500 square meters, it is rich in density and variety of shapes, colors and forms, while it is ranked among the best of its kind in all of Europe.


Just 25 kilometers southeast of Monemvasia, is the picturesque village of Talanta. The name of the village comes from the ancient Greek word for unit of weight and currency.

This is the only water mill out of the eleven water mills in the area, which is in full operation. The historic water mill has been restored and works in the traditional way in which the wheat falls into the mill, and with the force of the water it is rubbed against the stones to make flour.


Gerakas is built on the eastern coast of the prefecture of Laconia and at a distance of about 20 kilometers from Monemvasia.

Visit this beautiful traditional and unique natural fjord of Southern Europe and enjoy fresh fish in the traditional tavernas of the area.

Just 200 meters away are the ruins of the ancient city of Zarakas (200-150 BC)


Pavlopetri is a small island opposite Elafonissos, in Laconia.

In the wider area there are archaeological finds that testify to the habitation of the area from ancient times, the Bronze Age from 3000 to 1100 BC. and which sank in a great earthquake.


Kyparissi is a small traditional settlement by the sea on the northeastern coast of Laconia.

It belongs to the Municipality of Zarakas. In recent years it has emerged as a mountaineering destination and impresses those looking for tranquility and simplicity.


The historical Geraki or otherwise "Little Mystras" of Laconia is at a distance of about 40 kilometers east of Sparta.

There are ornate houses and mansions, cobbled alleys, monuments of great value, traditional cafes and a beautiful square adorn the picturesque town, which holds the position of the homonymous medieval settlement, but also of Geronthra.